"From: Vision To: Life"

All of the following was written by Vision

But I Cain't

I wanna call u but I cain't 
I wanna love u but my heart won't let
     let me give into this thang that I feel
A feeling so real that I swear I'm starting to feel
     feel myself about to bust
Bust from the inside out
Out of emotions that have developed over the years
Years of separation that have turned into late
     late night phone conversations of stimulation
     and motivation that make me wanna call u
                    But I Cain't
I wanna tell u but I cain't 
I wanna hold u but my mind won't let
     let me think the thangs that I thank
Thoughts so strong not even Sampson could collapse
Collapse this vision* of us together
     together forever is what we'd vow til death do us part
     or how ever long the LORD will allow
Allow us to walk this earth as one
     one heart one breath one reason of being
Being held together from season to season for reasons
Reasons that make me wanna tell u
                    But I Cain't