Thursday, April 15, 2010

Introductions Aren't Easy For Me

Let me first start by saying hello! Hello to you, reading this right now. Hello to me, penning this right now. Greetings to my readers are appropriate but one to herself, you might ask, is even more. See, I am in no way a writer. In fact, writing would be on the bottom of my, "Love To Do" list. Now you're probably wondering why I would create a blog if writing is not my forte. Well, simply put...I'm trying something new. We've all heard the saying, "Live Life To It's Fullest", and that's exactly what I plan to do! For most of my life, I've been some what of an introvert but over the past ten years, I've really stepped out of my shell. Instead of living behind the protection of my family, I've had to fend for myself. Instead of always having a person to lean on, I've had many lonely years. (Yes, I said years!!!) Instead of having someone to speak for me, I've had to open my mouth and say exactly what I needed, wanted, felt, thought, saw, etc. Instead of having mommy or daddy to dry my eyes, kiss my "boo-boo", and tell me it was going to get better, I've gone through boxes of tissue and gallons of ice cream, teas from Long Island, cartons of cigarettes, and more! Believe you me, there has been more!!! And all of these things, good and bad, have made me who I am at this very moment. So without further a due, I present to some and introduce to others... ME!

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